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Sustainability governance and contested plastic food packaging – An integrative review


A literature review on the challenges of managing the sustainability of plastic food packaging, life cycle analysis, and challenges associated with the different phases of this process.

Food packaging and sustainability – Consumer perception vs. correlated scientific facts: A review


Investigating whether there is any connection between the environmental sustainability of food packages that guarantee the safety and quality of food and consumer perception.

A comprehensive review on integrative approach for sustainable management of plastic waste and its associated externalities


A detailed review of various treatment technologies such as recycling, incineration, storage for the sustainable use of plastic waste and the examination of their costs and plastic waste management that helps to reduce environmental externalities

Integrated environmental impacts and C-footprint reduction potential in treatment and recycling of express delivery packaging waste


To reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of express delivery package waste in the waste management system, categorize waste and conduct a comprehensive life cycle assessment.

Advances in barrier coatings and film technologies for achieving sustainable packaging of food products – A review


This article contains information about the advantages, disadvantages, applicability of materials used in the transition from synthetic polymers to sustainable materials for paper-based packaging and films, selection of materials processing methods, coating technologies.

Assessment of carbon footprint of nano-packaging considering potential food waste reduction due to shelf life extension


The use of nanopackaging, which reduces the carbon footprint, to extend the life of food and raising awareness of consumers in the consumer behavior study on the relationship between extending the shelf life of food and reducing food waste.

Challenges and new opportunities on barrier performance of biodegradable polymers for sustainable packaging


In this article, the oxygen/water vapor barrier of environmentally friendly, sustainably compostable biodegradable polymers used in packaging, the advantages and disadvantages of the methods used to improve this barrier are explained.

Current sustainable solutions for extending the shelf life of meat and marine products in the packaging process


In this review, pre- and post-packaging strategies and packaging materials were examined and researches were carried out to extend the shelf life of fresh meat and seafood products, as food packaging causes plastic waste, food waste, and sustainability is prevented.