Automation Solutions

Automation in food industry helps with efficiency, scalability, and quality control and can help to achieve better results with fever workers. 

Automated systems can take care of many of the inconsistencies and human errors that cause problems for food companies.

Automation can improve workplace safety and efficiency. When developed and deployed correctly, automation can help your business move better and faster than it would if it relied solely on human workers. Time often matters in the food business, and more efficient operations can improve quality, limit waste, and increase your profits by lowering operational costs. Automation helps food businesses be nimbler and more adaptive to change.

Narplast is offering automated packaging solutions to its customers with it’s sole automation partner Idealpak ( 

Narplast automation solutions offered with Idealpak solutions is offering a competitive advantage as a single solution point in terms of equipment & packaging services.

Some example of automated specific solutions provided by Idealpak are presented as below.

Surprise Egg Machine 1

Surprise Egg Machine 2

Spoon Application Machine

Automated Vacuum Container Packing Machine