We supply forming films for thermoforming for packaging using the raw materials and additives all certified and compatible with industry standards.

Products & Applications

Mono Pet / ABA Pet Thermoform Applications

We are supplying between 150 to 1500 micron thickness, from 340 to 2000 mm width, with recycle, virgin or ABA structure and suitable production of thermoform packaging with transparent, white,black, brown and various colors options and with silicon, ant iblock and antifog features.



Pet //Pe /Evoh/Pe Lamination Applications

We are supplying between 200 to 1450 micron thickness, from 400 to 2000 mm width with peelable / sealable and PE // PE/ EVOH features. OTR ( Oxygen Transmission Report ) and Tensile tests are available besides the certification of BRC suitable for food packaging.