Quality, OHS and Environment Policy

“Quality” is our basic indicator in the understanding of Product, Service and Management. Our aim; to provide products in accordance with legal and customer requirements, national and international standards, special customer requests, and while doing this; to provide services with a Safe and Healthy Work environment that is sensitive to Environmental problems.

Our policy is based on “Customer Satisfaction”. Measuring and evaluating our customers’ requests and changing expectations contributes to our development.

Our Quality, OHS and Environmental Management Approach and Principles;

While managing our commercial activities with the importance we attach to innovation and our qualified human resources; to provide our customers with packages that will ensure that food can be transported and used while preserving its hygienic structure, in accordance with the legislation, in the most aesthetic, reliable and affordable way,

To closely follow the advanced technology in the world, in our country and in the sector; to carry out product development, design and certification studies; to provide reliable products to our customers by conducting programmed test studies,

Happiness of Employees” is the most important condition for achieving customer satisfaction. For this purpose, to develop participatory spirit; to increase the competencies of our employees with continuous training,

To increase the efficiency in all our production processes to a level that can compete globally in line with the continuous improvement approach,

Managing change in order to adapt to changing global conditions,

Developing our supplier portfolio and keeping the quality of our own products high with solutions that will contribute to the development of our suppliers,

In foreign trade; to increase the satisfaction of our customers by managing import and export transactions in the most effective way in accordance with global legislation,

To give importance to our R&D studies by minimizing our wastes as much as possible and using recyclable materials; not to allow our liquid wastes to mix with groundwater, to ensure efficient use of energy and natural resources, to prevent pollution; to protect the environment and natural resources while continuing our activities,

Continuously auditing the activities related to Quality, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment in our organization and keeping it open to the inspection of the relevant parties,

At NARPLAST, it is our basic principle that the principles of Quality, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Policy are adopted and implemented by every personnel working in our organization, especially our management staff.