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In the food industry, we have a customer-oriented approach to issues such as sustainability, selection of healthy materials, and low-cost product design, while designing special packaging for your products. We are at your service with our team with high experience and expertise to design the most suitable packaging solution for you.

In our products, we attach importance to issues such as keeping a product healthy throughout its shelf life, efficiency, functionality in customer use.

We are here to design the most suitable packaging for your food products such as bakery, produce, salad, sauce and dip, meat, poultary, seafood and milk, snack, hot delivery, convenience food, baby food, chocolate and biscuits, etc. You can contact us for detailed information.

We have products such as hinged containers, deli containers, rounds and bowls, rectangulars and trays, specific items like sandwich, sushi, cheesecake, etc., produces applicable for hot meals and convenience foods. Moreover, we have Narsheet for forming film.

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